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A large group of professional physiotherapists join us to serve this promising community, be near us and join the community and be with us
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We have collected the best learning  physiotherapy services from their original sources to serve our students and colleagues.

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About our physiotherapy community

For the first time in the Arab world, the largest community was created by a volunteer team of physiotherapists, in which we aim to qualify physiotherapy students and graduates for the labor market by providing them with knowledge. Also we empower them with the necessary skills.

Why am I going to become a professional physiotherapist?

The information that you will get here and then practice it on the ground will change your efficiency for the better and increase your skills (become more professional) and thu provide better service to patients and clients and increase your position in the physiotherapy community

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Together, to serve everyone

In the midst of this momentum of rapid development in the world, especially the technical and medical world, our team was born to provide most of its experiences to a society that deserves support, and from here we started, we first started by creating a physiotherapy team to support our students and our physiotherapists to develop our expertise together with all possible tools.

june, 2023

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An electronic library that includes a large collection of books specialized in the field of physical therapy, equipped with an advanced search engine
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A monthly updated database of research papers from the beginning of 2021 until now
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A group of real electronic tests from specific and reliable sources
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Exclusive and interesting articles prepared according to the rules of academic writing
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