Palestinian Ministry of Health Exam

Test for the appointment of a physiotherapist in the Palestinian Ministry of Health

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Palestinian Ministry of Health Exam

Test for the appointment of a physiotherapist in the Palestinian Ministry of Health

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When massaging a muscle, which one of the following techniques
involves lifting and kneading of the tissues?

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The prime mover of hip flexion?

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For a 31-year-old women with lateral epicondylitis, which is the true
concerning the frequency of ultrasound in this application:

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Which of the following is not a feature of the cauda equina syndrome?

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When teaching a patient the 4 point crutch gait pattern, which of the
following answer below describes this pattern?

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Edema may be defined as?

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Every exercise prescription should include all of the following except?


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Which of the following planes will divide the body into front and back
parts for the purpose of kinesiology:

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Impaired oxygenation of the tissue defines?

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Major complications of subarachnoid hemorrhage include:

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A patient with a dull ache over the medial epicondyle or medial aspect
of the right elbow, this condition most likely to be :

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Hypertension is:

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Treating a patient with diffuse ankle pain and advanced peripheral
arterial disease, which of the following modalities should be used?

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A patient with a burn on the elbow should be placed in which of the
following positions?

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The following are chronic respiratory disorders except?

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The distal row of carpal bones includes all the following except?

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A condition in which the pleural cavity is filled with air describes?

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The blood supply to the heart itself occurs through the:

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Which of the following segment is involved in the knee jerk?

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What should be the typical treatment temperature for paraffin?

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Muscle which approximates and compresses lips?

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A fracture of the midshaft of the humerus would most likely damage
which nerve?

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High step gait "Steppage gait" may associate with the injury of the:

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The first stage of fracture healing is?

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The medial boundary of the anatomic snuffbox is?

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Exchange of thermal energy in which there is physical contact between 2

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The carpometacarpal joint of the thumb is classified as what type of

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Modifiable risk factors for stroke include except:

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For 5 day old cerebral palsy infant with an abnormal amount of
extensor tone, which will be the correct positioning advice to his family?

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Characteristic features of spasticity - the muscle tone is increased:

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Muscular rigidity is a common sign of:

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All of the following are acceptable evaluation tools with a hemiplegic
patient, except?

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All of the following are indications of shortwave diathermy except:

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Cardiac sources of embolic stroke include:

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All of the following may be the anatomical basis of spastic paraparesis
involving legs except:

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The term" cardiac output" refers to the amount of blood pumped by the heart?

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The normal range of motion for shoulder extension?

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The shoulder joint is?

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The talus articulate anteriorly with the?

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Having a patient perform maximum contraction then maximum
relaxation is called?

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To prevent pressure ulcers most effectively, what should be the
maximum amount of time between position changes?

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Exercises for cerebellar ataxia?

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Deformity of a finger with extension at the proximal interphalangeal
joint and flexion at the distal interphalngeal joint is called:

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Which of the following tissues absorbs the least amount of ultrasound
beam at 1MHz?
(A. Bone
B. Skin
C. Muscle
D. Blood

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When the patella tendon pull of a portion of the tibial tuberosity, this is

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A movement not under direet patient control and not done in isolation?

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Which is not characteristic of the lower motor neuron lesion?

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When treating a patient suffering from chronic low back pain and using
a pacemaker, which of the following treatment is contraindicated for
pain relief?

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What is the normal end-feel perceived by an examiner assessing wrist

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During walking, the swing phase comprise:

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