Bells palsy

Does Electro stimulation affect Bell’s palsy?

Introduction of bell’s palsy..  Bell’s Palsy,It’s also known as “ Idiopathic Peripheral Facial Palsy”, considers an idiopathic condition, there’s No specific cause that has been conclusively established. Once other causes of facial palsy have been ruled out, then the patient is said to have “Bell’s Palsy”. It’s one of the most common causes of acute …

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Chronic fatigue syndrome or Myalgic encephalomyelitis “ CFS”

Are you tired all the time ?  Have you heard before about Chronic fatigue syndrome or Myalgic encephalomyelitis “ CFS”?  If you have this syndrome, of course you wondered about these questions..  Don’t worry, In this article you will find the answer to your questions..  Introduction:  Fatigue is different from being tired, when you get …

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breast cancer

Breast cancer

Breast cancer: overview Breast cancer occur when cells begin to grow and divided out of control creating a mass of tissue, in one or both breasts, it can also travel to other parts of the body and form new tumors called metastasis. breast cancer occurs in women and men at any age, but almost entirely …

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woman suffering from shoulder pain

Stiff/Frozen Shoulder Nonoperative Protocol

What causes shoulder stiffness?  • Injury (Postraumatic): sprain, fracture, rotator cuff tear, dislocation  • Surgery (Postoperative): rotator cuff repair, instability repair, replacement  • Idiopathic: cause unknown, usually women in their 50’s  • Diabetes   Why are frozen shoulders painful? Inflammation: thickening and scar formation in the capsule around the shoulder joint cause a “capsulitis” or …

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 Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition that happens due to overstressing the plantar fascia. It is the maximum common cause of inferior heel ache and has been recognized in sufferers from the age of eight years to eighty years old. Plantar fasciitis influences about 10% of the populace and is greater normally discovered in middle-elderly …